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Production Year:
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Total Operating Hours:
28,424 Hours (Per Meter)
Unit Number:
Performance Specifications:
450 CFM



The unit is not in operational condition. Several components have been disassembled/removed. Any aditional issues are unknown.

Buyer is responsible for all labor, equipment, logistics and associated fees to remove the unit. Removal is by appointment only and the location requires at least a 24-hour notice prior to removal. Removal must be completed by the posted removal deadline.

This listing is sold AS IS WHERE IS with all faults and no warranties expressed or implied.

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This Item is being sold AS IS WHERE IS. NO customs, export, or import assistance is available from our Company, the Seller, or the Storage Location. Our Company, Seller, and Storage Location expressly disclaim the appropriateness of this item to be exported from, or imported to, any country. Shipping, logistics, transportation, loading, customs, export, and import activities, and all associated costs, are the sole responsibility of the Winning Buyer.


This lot is offered with a reserve. If the reserve amount is met, the lot will automatically be awarded and an invoice will be sent to the winning Buyer. If the highest bid does not meet the reserve amount, the Seller has 2 business days to review the bid, and decide whether to accept or reject the bid. Please refer to our Website Rules for more information.


The Buyer must initiate the Dispute by completing and submitting the online Dispute form in the Buyer’s MyONE account page. In each case, the Dispute must be initiated prior to 5:00 PM (Eastern Time) on the second calendar day after the earlier of: (i) removal of the Item, or (ii) expiry of the scheduled Removal Deadline regardless of whether the Item has been picked up by such date (the “Dispute Initiation Period”).

All information included in this lot description was provided by the Seller. The Company makes no representations or warranties as to the completeness or accuracy of the information.

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