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Search and compare thousands of listings in one place, save your searches, add the items you’re interested in to your Watchlist or sign up to receive email alerts about new items that match your areas of interest. All it takes is an email address so join now

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All the benefits of Basic Membership plus the added ability to buy or sell directly through the EquipmentOne marketplace. All we need is few pieces of information to set up your Full Membership account and you’ll be able to buy or sell on EquipmentOne within one business day. It’s easy and it’s free so become a full member now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to become a Full Member of EquipmentOne?

Becoming a Full Member is easy if you are already a Basic Member. Specifically, EquipmentOne will need to collect your contact information, then we will verify your email address and phone number as well as ask for your agreement to EquipmentOne’s terms and conditions. After providing your phone number, you’ll receive a phone call with a verification code that you’ll be required to enter into your verification email. This lets us confirm both your phone number and your email address. Once the process is complete, your Full Membership will be activated within one business day, and you’ll be able to start placing bids and creating Listings.

I applied for Full Membership but I need to place a bid now! Can my membership be expedited?

Yes. Contact the EquipmentOne Customer Care team at 1-855-RB-EQPT-1 (1-855-723-7781) and we can expedite your Full Membership approval.

I completed the Full Membership process and waited one business day but have not been approved yet. Why not?

The most common reason why a membership hasn’t been approved is that the member’s email address has not yet been verified. You should have received a verification email which confirms your email address for EquipmentOne. If you haven’t received your verification email, please contact the EquipmentOne Customer Care team at 1-855-RB-EQPT-1 (1-855-723-7781) and one of our representatives will assist you. If you did receive the verification email and your membership still hasn’t been acknowledged, please call us immediately so we can help to get your Full Membership approved.

During the approval process for Full Membership, I wasn’t able to answer the phone during the phone number verification. What should I do?

Contact our EquipmentOne customer service team at 1-855-RB-EQPT-1 (1-855-723-7781) and a customer care representative will be able to approve your phone number manually if required.

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