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Place a bid before the lot closes or sells. We have dynamic closing times—if bids are still being placed, the lot will stay open.

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Tips for buyers

Looking for equipment?

Find equipment from Ritchie Bros. and tens of thousands of other sellers on Machinio.

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Terms and conditions

Read our website rules and user agreement for complete terms and conditions. Important notes:

Buyer’s premium

If your bid is accepted, you will pay a maximum buyer’s premium of (a) 10% of the purchase price OR (b) a discounted flat fee if part of a special promotion. Check the terms on each lot to find the buyer’s premium.

Bid acceptance

At the end of the closing period, the seller can either accept or reject the high bid (unless the item is marked ‘Reserve Met’). If the bid is accepted, an invoice is sent to the buyer.

'Reserve Met’

Items marked ‘Reserve Met’ are sold to the person with the highest bid when the lot closes.

‘Buy it now’

If you choose to buy an item at the ‘Buy It Now’ price, the item is sold to you immediately and no more bids will be accepted.

Non-retractable bids

If your ‘buy it now’ or reserve price is met during the listing period, you must sell to the buyer who places the highest bid. If your price is not met, you are not obligated to sell.

You cannot retract a bid once it is submitted. Review your bids carefully before submitting! If you think a bid was made in error, contact Customer Care immediately.

NJPA Awarded Contract - 041316-RBA

Nisource auction closes 10/25

Forklifts from Toyota Commercial Finance close Wednesdays

Fleet maintained auction - Open & closes daily