About EquipmentOne


About Ritchie Bros. EquipmentOne

Designed for people who prefer to buy and sell equipment privately, EquipmentOne is a secure online marketplace for users who need a fair, easy and safe place to do it.

Become a member or find out how EquipmentOne works.

EquipmentOne Total Buyer Protection

Total Buyer Protection
  • No limit on the number of photos and information provided by sellers
  • Seller transaction counts
  • Transparent marketplace—seller expectations, all bids and Q&A can be seen by everyone
  • Negotiations and transactions take place on our secure platform
  • Your money is held by EquipmentOne and only released to the seller after the dispute deadline has passed. You can make a dispute claim within two business days after the removal date, if:
    • The equipment is not available for removal
    • You can’t take ownership because the equipment has an undisclosed lien or was stolen, or the seller does not disclose the fact that a title/certificate of ownership/registration is not available (note: many items are sold without titles)
    • The equipment’s usage (hours/mileage) is substantially higher than disclosed
  • We manage disputes in cases of seller misrepresentation and help buyers and sellers reach mutual agreement, which may or may not involve a full or partial refund
  • Members who violate our user agreement will be penalized and fined, and may have buying/selling privileges revoked
  • EquipmentOne is backed by Ritchie Bros., the world’s largest seller of used equipment—established 1958, listed on the New York and Toronto stock exchanges (RBA)
  • Please note: items are sold as-is, where-is. Sellers are responsible for creating their own lots. EquipmentOne does not warrant the condition of any items nor the accuracy of lots.

How EquipmentOne works

Anyone can search lots on EquipmentOne. Become a member and you can also buy and sell equipment and materials on our secure online marketplace. This is how it works:

Easily Create Lots

Our simple, self-serve tool makes it easy to create detailed equipment lots:

  • Add a few details and let our database fill in the rest
  • Upload as many photos as you want
  • Set your own price expectations and timeframe
  • Establish an asking price—your ideal selling price—and, if you want, add a ‘buy it now’ price

Negotiate with Confidence

Interested in buying an item listed on EquipmentOne? Start negotiating!

  • Review the open, moderated Q&A, or ask questions about a lot
  • Submit an exact bid, or place a max bid and let the online negotiation engine place competing bids for you, up to your limit
  • Or ‘buy it now’ if the seller added that option—all negotiations end and the item is sold to you
  • Seller will sell vs. seller may sell—if the asking price is not reached during the bid period, the seller may choose not to sell
  • Before you buy, apply for pre-approved equipment financing

Settle transactions on our secure site

When a satisfactory deal is reached, our secure escrow service facilitates a safe exchange of money and equipment:

  • The buyer sends payment to EquipmentOne
  • When payment is confirmed, the seller releases equipment to the buyer
  • When the buyer receives the equipment in advertised condition, we release payment to the seller
  • Buyers and sellers can also take advantage of convenient services, like shipping and insurance


Access to thousands of equipment lots online

Search Lots from EquipmentOne sellers and Ritchie Bros. unreserved auctions


Self-serve convenience

Anyone can list equipment for sale, make purchase bids, negotiate and complete transactions on our secure site — you just need to create a free account

Open Transparent Negotiations

Open, transparent negotiations

Our innovative online negotiation engine puts the fairness into private sale. Member stats, seller expectations, ask/bid details and buyer/seller Q&A are out in the open


Secure escrow process

Seller does not release equipment until EquipmentOne has received full payment. We do not release payment to the seller until the buyer receives the equipment in the advertised condition.


Convenient services

Buyers and sellers can take advantage of Ritchie Bros.’ equipment financing, transportation, refurbishing and insurance services


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